Thursday, February 21, 2008

The wedding that is gonna cause a divorce

Jenny's wedding is this Friday night. How inconvenient for us. I know, how bitchy of me. But, here is the thing:

1. it is 1.5 hours away on a Friday night during Rush Hour near Philly
2. it starts at 6:30 pm
3. J has to leave work @ 2
4. Oldest and Middle have to be picked up from school
5. Dog (who is now sick) has to go to kennel from Fri to Sun because of limited p/u time on Sat.
6. $$$$ for said dog in kennel
7. $$$$ for the gas and tolls
8. $$$$ for the hotel - and not one that I get to enjoy
9. drop Oldest off w/ Melissa @ salon
10. drop Middle and Youngest w/ Grandmom
11. Youngest is NOT happy about us leaving her - major tears again - I predict crying and screaming
12. Youngest still not fully recovered from ear infections
13. dinner? maybe @ 8 or so?
14. SNOW STORM forecasted - driving on Turnpike in snow storm - NOT my idea of fun

DH needs to be reasonable about this. I am not a happy camper about this. I'd rather go to Patti's and scrap. That I know I would enjoy.

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Kaesmom said...

So, has the crappy weather caused you to cancel?? I can pop a potato in the oven for you. :D