Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Happy 65th Birthday, Dad!!!

Happy 65th, Dad! Love ya, lots!!! I hope this will be the beginning of new dreams and adventures for you. The girls just sent you a birthday video message. I hope you enjoy it. (Actually they sent you five of them.)

Today was MOPS day. We had our annual Christmas Brunch which is always yummy! Martha, one of our fabulous mentors, taught everyone how to take Christmas cards and turn them into little gift boxes. As soon as she showed us how to construct the boxes, I immediately knew Ashley would love this project so I brought the directions home along with some extra cards.

Christmas shopping is going very well - so well that it is SCARY! There isn't a great deal left to purchase and that makes me happy because it leaves time for wrapping and baking without the chaos and rushing. Maybe this will be the "Rockwell" Christmas I have been waiting for....

Abbey is currently in her room playing with the BRATZ dolls that Ashley passed down to her. She needs this time away from the dog as she will not leave Charlie alone today. I am not sure what the attraction is to taking the dogs bone and running with it is, but she seems to derive great pleasure from having the poor dog chase her to get his bone back.
The office renovation / make-over is almost finished. The new bookcase should be here today or tomorrow. Jason and I will find a chair and ottoman over the holiday, and the new paint job will follow. I am really excited about the new look of this room. It will be a great environment for my new job since I will be in here so much more.
Time to go get the desk cleaned off of today's mail then dinner....

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The MU stairs tried to kicked my a$$

So yesterday was Wednesday - my normal day of working out with Asimina and Mary. Asiminia decides we should be doing the stairs at the MU stadium in addition to walking/running the track. Um, OK...let's go. Dang - the stairs tried to kick my butt. We did 6 sets, and I feel it today. I think this is a good thing though. The worst part - those two Amazons could go up and down just fine, but my petite (not short) legs don't reach as far so coming down was a little harder cause of the wide step base.

Finally got the office cleaned up and rearranged last night. I am sure Jason is glad he stayed up to help me move furniture (not!), but I think the room looks good. The room arrangement definitely has more open space and hopefully will be conductive to adding another desk and computer for the kids sometime down the road. Too many people - too few computers.

Time to go grab a shower before preschool/kindergarten drop-off. Then back home to finish the office - soooo much paperwork to take care of after being on vacation. Forgot - gotta make a stop at Darrenkamp's for milk and other goodies.

GREY'S ANATOMY is on tonight. WOO HOO!!!! Don't bother me from 9 - 10.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My First Blog - My First Posting

WOW! I have a blog...something I never thought would happen in a gazillion years. What in the heck do I write now? Maybe the fact that it is 10:26, and I should be in bed getting some sleep, but instead I am here playing on the computer yet again.

I have some fabulous photos to upload here from our Thanksgiving spent in Virginia Beach with my parents. We took Abbey and Audrey to the beach to blow off some energy. It was fabulous. I haven't been to the beach in so long - I had forgotten how much I love it. Abbey had a blast running on the shoreline trying to stay out of trouble and out of the water. Audrey wasn't so sure about the noise and was really ticked that Abbey was running near the water.

Ashley spent most of time knitting her new poncho. I cannot believe how well that child can knit; her poncho is gorgeous. I think I am jealous of my daughter's talent. I will post a photo as soon as she is finished. She fell in love with the yarn store down in Virginia Beach - it is called Knit Wits. After visiting the store with her - gracious - I can see why. All of those beautiful yarns - I wanted a felted bag. Love, love, love the ones I saw in the store. Now I need to figure out how to knit. Ha! Like I need another hobby. Gotta finish my scrapbooks first.
Thanksgiving was a true blessing this year after so much loss in our family the past few years. I am grateful that we had a wonderful time visiting with each other. The girls seemed to enjoy playing with each other - although Ashley has officially become a teenager as she could not escape from the adult table fast enough and of course, she cannot eat with the younger ones. Poor girl.
The absolute funniest part of the weekend was Abbey firing everyone that worked at her McDonald's. Cousin Drew gave Abbey and Audrey a McDonald's food set for Christmas. Abbey set up the restaurant and promptly fired both Drew and Audrey for not "working" correctly. Then she told the rest of us to get out of her office. Um, excuse me? But this is the living room, little girl. Oh, my gracious. This child will either be Donald Trump or Martha Stewart when she grows up. How did I get this bossy kid?
Alright, time to publish this first blog entry. I am getting tired, and the desk I was suppose to be organizing and cleaning is not getting done. Let me know what you think as I am not an avid reader of blogs so I am doing this as a shot in the dark. Wish me luck!
Night, y'all.