Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Happy 65th Birthday, Dad!!!

Happy 65th, Dad! Love ya, lots!!! I hope this will be the beginning of new dreams and adventures for you. The girls just sent you a birthday video message. I hope you enjoy it. (Actually they sent you five of them.)

Today was MOPS day. We had our annual Christmas Brunch which is always yummy! Martha, one of our fabulous mentors, taught everyone how to take Christmas cards and turn them into little gift boxes. As soon as she showed us how to construct the boxes, I immediately knew Ashley would love this project so I brought the directions home along with some extra cards.

Christmas shopping is going very well - so well that it is SCARY! There isn't a great deal left to purchase and that makes me happy because it leaves time for wrapping and baking without the chaos and rushing. Maybe this will be the "Rockwell" Christmas I have been waiting for....

Abbey is currently in her room playing with the BRATZ dolls that Ashley passed down to her. She needs this time away from the dog as she will not leave Charlie alone today. I am not sure what the attraction is to taking the dogs bone and running with it is, but she seems to derive great pleasure from having the poor dog chase her to get his bone back.
The office renovation / make-over is almost finished. The new bookcase should be here today or tomorrow. Jason and I will find a chair and ottoman over the holiday, and the new paint job will follow. I am really excited about the new look of this room. It will be a great environment for my new job since I will be in here so much more.
Time to go get the desk cleaned off of today's mail then dinner....