Friday, December 7, 2007

I am waiting...

I am suppose to be monitoring a teacher right now - but she has no students in class. I cannot write her evaluation without the teaching and cannot leave until her session is over just in case someone shows up. So here I sit so let's catch up...

Friday, November 30th - went to Patti's house for crop and got a few pages done

Saturday, December 1st - took Middle & Youngest to the MU Christmas Party sponsored by a student working on class project; took all three girls to pick out the Christmas tree without Daddy who was at Immaculata finishing a class

Tuesday, December 4th - training for my new job as Instruction Monitor

Wednesday, December 5th - Dad's 66th birthday; our first snow of the season; the day of my almost car accident thanks to said snow

Thursday, December 6th - the day Middle's teacher called and NOT to tell me about Middle's day but rather discuss the Christmas party - Thank Goodness!!; the day all of the girls got to sled; the day I took our 2007 Christmas card photo outside in the snow AND ordered the blasted cards; the day the battery died in the Explorer because DH put it getting a new one for a year - yeah, guess whose car he took because of the dead battery? oh, and Dad has a badly torn rotators cuff - more surgery???

Friday, December 7th - finally it's Friday; more snow - but just a dusting even after 4 or so hours; went over the Christmas present list with DH; am super tired and have a train ride with Santa in the morning with the family

OK - the teacher's session is over and I am tired. Going to bed. 'Night y'all!