Thursday, November 30, 2006

The MU stairs tried to kicked my a$$

So yesterday was Wednesday - my normal day of working out with Asimina and Mary. Asiminia decides we should be doing the stairs at the MU stadium in addition to walking/running the track. Um, OK...let's go. Dang - the stairs tried to kick my butt. We did 6 sets, and I feel it today. I think this is a good thing though. The worst part - those two Amazons could go up and down just fine, but my petite (not short) legs don't reach as far so coming down was a little harder cause of the wide step base.

Finally got the office cleaned up and rearranged last night. I am sure Jason is glad he stayed up to help me move furniture (not!), but I think the room looks good. The room arrangement definitely has more open space and hopefully will be conductive to adding another desk and computer for the kids sometime down the road. Too many people - too few computers.

Time to go grab a shower before preschool/kindergarten drop-off. Then back home to finish the office - soooo much paperwork to take care of after being on vacation. Forgot - gotta make a stop at Darrenkamp's for milk and other goodies.

GREY'S ANATOMY is on tonight. WOO HOO!!!! Don't bother me from 9 - 10.

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Rebecca in NC said...

I so wish I had stairs to do - I'm petite too so all that extra work coming down would do my a$$ some good.

And hey - I actually watch GA last night. Were those twins a riot or what?