Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The weather today just sucks

It isn't even warm out - it is just cold, wet, and ugly. It needs to either snow and stay on the ground for a while or spring needs to come a little quicker.
The worst part of getting stuck inside is the clutter starts to build since the kids want to bring toys upstairs from the basement. Then I start noticing the little house projects that need to be taken care of inside of the house such as:

* new caulk - already did my bathroom, but I need to do a few more places
* fix the dry wall that is starting to peel in our bathroom
* wash down the baseboards and repaint them - started, but not finished

I just want to go work on my scrapbooks. I need to order photos and start 2008. Maybe this will be the one year I can keep up for the entire year. Ha, yeah, right!

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