Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Catching Up with the Summer

I am so very far behind in blogging. The summer just caught up with me - I guess three kids home for the summer will do that to you. Here's a rundown of what we have done from June until now:

  • Middle & Oldest: Katie's End of the Year
  • Family: Amanda & Rob's wedding
  • J. & I: Teacher Appreciation Dinner for the Middle & Youngest's school
  • Family: The Moorefields found us and came for a quick visit (like 2 hours)
  • Oldest: field hockey camp
  • Middle: 6th BD
  • Family: Father's Day (the day did not work out - so we had a re-d0)
  • Me: clean out scrap area and reorganize basement so that I have a bigger scrap area
  • Girls & I: Sonic - yum
  • Girls & I: free movies - Everyone's Hero
  • Middle: Charlotte's BD Party
  • Family: Parade of Homes - saw a new one in a new subdivision that I fell in L.O.V.E. with
  • Family: pool
  • Me: haircut
  • Girls & I: Herr's Chip Factory Tour
  • Family: free movies again - March of the Penguins - not our first choice - but the other one was sold out; then met J. for lunch at Ruby Tuesday's
  • Girls: haircuts (some I am not happy with)
  • Family: fireworks with friends
  • Family: Grandpop's 58th BD
  • Girls & I: Virginia Beach to visit Mom & Dad; Oldest to camp (see below)
  • Oldest: Critter Camp at VBSPCA
  • Girls & I; out to dinner @ Surf Rider w/ Mom & Dad (man, I miss fresh seafood)
  • Me: dinner w/ Amy & Susan (I miss them so much!)
  • Girls & I; school shopping in VB
  • Girls, Mom, & I: visiting Meredyth, Drew, and baby Brady
  • Ashley: spending week with her dad
  • J.: painted the office
  • Me: moved furniture and decorated office (that furniture is friggin' H.E.A.V.Y.)
  • Charlie: got a good short haircut
  • Family: Father's Day Re-do - playing mini-golf (yeah, I kicked butt with three (3) holes in one - ha! ;hiking at Chickie's Creek (not such a great experience - trail way too steep and SNAKES) not Mom's best moment; lunch at Friendly's; shopping for curtains for office
  • Girls & Daddy: sleep-over at Nana's when I drove to pick-up Oldest in Maryland
  • Family: lunch at Sugar Bowl
  • J. & I: clean out storage area of basement; look into furniture refinishing for bed set
  • Family: IKEA w/ Melissa and Aaron; the girls got balloon animals - Middle's was an elephant hat - tell me that didn't attract some stares.

  • Family: Mt. Gretna Lake - a fantastic family day

  • Family: more pool mixed in
  • Oldest: check-up and three shots
  • J.: back to Ph.D. program after 6 week break (there is a light at the end of the tuition tunnel)
  • Great news about Dad's healing - neck brace can be removed some; physical therapy can be started on neck, back, arms, and knee. Mom finally sounded happy again.

Good gracious - that is a lot for the past nine weeks of summer. We still have another two and a half weeks to go with a wedding, an Eagles Pre-Season game, another VB trip, and an adults' only End of Summer party. Yeah - I need a vacation. Where's the damn nanny?

Maybe I can do a better job of keeping this up once the kiddos go back to school. Oldest and Middle will be gone all day - poor Audrey - what is she gonna do without Middle? Maybe I can teach her to blog? Done for now. Another blog to follow after lunch.

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