Monday, August 13, 2007

The Coolest Wedding

J and I took Middle and Youngest to a wedding this weekend in Hershey - the wedding itself was held in Chocolate Town Square in the middle of Hershey. J's friend / co-worker got married; he is the school resource officer at J's school, and the bride is also a cop.
The square is set in a park with lots of trees and was decorated with tulle and beautiful flowers. Right as we are pulling into a parking spot, Middle chimes in - you got it, bathroom. Great. Where is there a bathroom in the middle of the square? There isn't. Luckily the Hershey Fire Station was right behind the square (and some of the guests were firefighters) so I quickly ran the girls to the fire house to take care of the bathroom issue.
Perfect. Now we can get our seats just in time. We heard the music of the harp begin and saw the groom and best man (another cop) take their place. All ready - where is the bride? Why is there a fire engine coming? Oh, my gracious. It is the BRIDE!!! Since the groom is also a volunteer firefighter, the fire company brought the entire bridal party to the site in a big red fire truck with the horn blaring and the sirens on full blast. It was AWESOME. Middle and Youngest didn't like the loud noise, but the rest of the guests clapped in excitement.
The wedding ceremony commenced and even included the bride's children. Once the vows were completed, the fire truck blew its horn again and left with the sirens on. Everyone clapped again and even a few cars honked away. It was fantastic. Not too formal - lots of fun memories. Oh, then my wonderful husband says, "Hey, we have time. Want to run by the scrapbook store at the outlets?" Don't think he had to ask twice. So we made a side trip to Times to Remember. YEAH!! New black and white paper that I wanted.
The day ended with a BBQ / reception at the matron of honor/best man's home. Yummy!! We left early since it was getting late, and Oldest was home from the pool. We ran by the house to pick her up and go get gelato from Rita's since there wasn't a wedding cake, and Middle was disappointed. I think the gelato made up for that. :-)

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