Thursday, August 9, 2007


Just to get these down:

Lucy = You See

Making a mess eating = Bad Eat Day

Dark skies due to storm = Great! Night Night time. (said not too happily - actually very sarcastically for a three year old)

Just some others:

Wiping kisses off her lips

Mommy, I miss you (don't know why she says this when I am usually sitting with her)

Me-Me is your mommy, and Pop-Pop is your daddy.

Treat, boy?

I want a little girl to play with me. Not you (Mom).

Awww, honey. It's OK.

Today with her:

Holy cannoli. She was a lovey all day. Don't know what got into the child. She was even up when J. was getting ready for work. Totally content to just sit in my lap or sit behind Abs in the computer chair and watch. Went to the bathroom and did all that it entails on her own. Maybe the bathroom laziness is over. School starts in two weeks for her, and I am tired of wiping tushies.

Definitely tired at dinner - refused to eat - after battling her for an hour, I just gave her a Red Velvet cupcake and said, "Go, eat." Then what happened?? Dang, it all. She wanted another one. Can't blame her 'cause we made some good ones with pounds and pounds of sprinkles.

Totally pissed when she looked out the window and saw it was dark and rainy. "Great! It's Night-Night time." So not a happy girl.

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