Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy 6th Birthday,Middle Child!

Happy Birthday, Middle Child! How incredible that six years have passed so very quickly. You are getting ready to start first grade. I am not ready for you to be gone all day. Who will I yell, "Stop running," to? Who will Youngest argue with about riding in the blue carseat? Whose lunch will Charlie eat? Lots of things to ponder.

Today was a lot of fun. The day started at 7:30 when Uncle Eric gave you a BD wake-up call. Then Grandpop and Barbara called. What a popular birthday girl. Next you decided that eating eleven mini-pancakes for breakfast was a perfect treat. Yum - your favorite. Moving on to running errands and ordering your red velvet birthday cake from Simmon's Bakery for your Dinner and a Movie party on Saturday night. Lunch at Isaac's Deli proved fun for the four of us (poor Daddy missed out - but somebody's gotta work. ) Nana called this afternoon to sing to you. Daddy cut class to be home for you and dinner (secretly though I believe he was plotting that after dinner trip to Rita's for gelato and water ice.) Sneaky Daddy!! Now you are snoozing away in the playroom since you really wanted to sleep in there tonight for a treat. Pleasant dreams, my sweetheart. You are almost official 6! Just a few more minutes.

Tomorrow we will continue on our mission to reclaim the house. Organizing and purging have been my favorite jobs this week. Oldest cleaned out her bedroom and all of the middle school stuff that had accumulated. J cleaned out his closet. I have been working on the office and playroom. My scraproom area is next. I can see the light. Organization is going great - especially since I stole an idea from Aby Garvey
http://creativeorganizing.typepad.com/. She has really cool ideas that I have enjoyed gleaming.

Daddy's appointment with the neurosurgeon went well today. He has a total of 12 screws in his neck.. The recovery time is still going to be v.e.r.y. long. No rides in the car until his next appointment in four weeks. Gracious. I know he is going out of his mind just staying home, but until that bone grows and the paralysis and weakness in the arms is gone...home he stays. I think the muscle spasms are still going strong which isn't always alleviated by the drugs. Hopefully a visit from three rowdy granddaughters will take his mind off of the pain and boredom.

OK - I guess this is the end for tongiht. I still need to catch this baby up to speed. I have missed:
Christmas, New Year's, Oldest's 13th BD, my 38th BD, my new job, Middle's soccer season, my trip to meet Amy & Eric in Atlantic City (and J & I trying to break into the wrong beach house), my trip to Central New York, etc..... I will work on this. PROMISE.

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Kaesmom said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Abbey!

So where are the rest of the updates? Huh?? Where?