Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Road Trip Time...

in less than 12 hours I (we) will be on the road to Virginia Beach to spend the holiday with my parents. The kids are all super excited to go to the beach and hang out with their grandparents. Youngest loves the Bay Bridge Tunnel - loves the tunnels and watching the boats.

*** Keeping fingers crossed. Middle took a nap today (very not like my 7 yo - the Energizer Bunny) and woke up with a severed tummy ache, headache, fever, and her legs hurt. Eventually the tummy ache subsided, but the headache, fever, and leg pain only seemed to lessen with the aid of Ibuporfen. The fever is still kicking. After my bout with food poisoning this weekend, I hope that this is a fluke of nature showing up right now.

Taking the new "Green Machine" as Dad calls it. Actually it is the 17" Dell we bought with some of extra tax money this year that Uncle Sammy alloted a little early to provoke some consumer spending. Love, love, love this laptop.

Ciao. Catch up when I am in VB and have time.

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