Friday, July 11, 2008

Another day, another ER visit...

Yes, that is how my day was spent again - back in the CHKD ER. Middle spiked a fever of 102 last night. I called our peds. back in Lancaster and was told to take her in. Since this was at 9:15 PM last night, and I was told the ER was very busy when I called CHKD, I made the executive decision not to go then. I just knew we would be there for hours in the middle of the night and did not want to chance Middle picking up even more germs.

After an extremely restless night for me, we went back to the ER about 9:45 this morning. Thank goodness I waited just a few hours as the ER was clear and Dr. C was on duty again. Middle had two more xrays which showed more white than gray/black on the lung than the radiologist felt should be there at this point (in other words - there was not enough air in her lung and too much gunk.) The radiologist wanted a CT scan run. I knew what the thought was - a mass or tumor - but that was never spoken aloud until after the test was completed.

Middle got her first IV; she did pretty well. Some tears and apprehension, but after the week she has had, that was totally expected. She got a new infusion of Rocephin since the IV was already in. The CT went fine - she had contrast with it and no reaction to it. Then we just waited for the results. PTL that the results were no to any mass or tumor and yes to just a very bad case of pneumonia. We were given the all clear to leave (and eventually to drive back home to PA.)

Middle and I were starving. She had eaten two bites of french toast this morning; I never ate due to my nerves. Pokemon is the toy of choice @ BK, and it was also Middle's choice of meals. Not mine, but whatever. She deserved to eat whatever she wanted at this point. She ate a little bit of the burger and a few onion rings. Now she is relaxing on the couch and coughing, coughing, coughing.

J was able to change his flight thru Southwest and will return to Norfolk instead of Baltimore tomorrow night. The dog continues to reside at the kennel (poor guy) and hopefully the cats are not tearing the house apart. Thank goodness our neighbor has checked on them everyday.

My plan is for us to go back to PA on Sunday morning. The dog can be picked up Sunday between 4 & 6 which should not be an issue. I guess that is it for now.

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