Thursday, July 3, 2008

so we are still home

yep - never made it to VB. Middle woke up with the same pain in her tummy and a fever. Called the peds to get her checked out before leaving. Dr. F. was able to see her at 11. Great! See Dr. F. who orders an ultrasound at LGH to rule out an appendicitis since Middle has localized colicky pain with fever.

Go to LGH - that has got to be the friendliest hospital - and get Middle registered. Waited maybe 5 minutes. The ultrasound took under 10 minutes and the tech even told us that the test ruled out an appendicitis but looked like enlarged lymph nodes which are common when fighting a viral infection. The ultrasound tech still had to run all the info thru the radiologists and the peds. We got the all clear to go home. Thank goodness!! Middle got her McD's with Dr. F's blessing since she has no tummy issues. Middle was starving and soooo thirsty from the fever.

Dr. F. felt the symptoms were definitely viral. Keep Middle hydrated. Motrin only is fever is 102 or higher to keep her comfortable. So the new plan is to try to get up by 6 AM and throw all the stuff in the car. Should not be too hard since it is all packed and in the garage sitting there. Unfortunately, even with Dr. F's approval to go out of town, I don't know if Middle will be better tomorrow. Her fever is still there despite a dose of Motrin @8PM. She didn't eat dinner and is asleep again. Sooooo not like her.

This is not the vacation I had envisioned. Oldest and Middle are very upset as are my parents. What can we do? Just pray that she starts to improve very quickly - as quickly as this came on her.

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Traci said...

Awww! Poor girl, I hope she feels better soon!