Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wow! Has it been that long?

Since I last blogged. Life, it gets in the way sometimes. All three kids are doing things that I don't want to forget (well, except for the Mother's Day gift of a broken arm.)

My newest dilemma - whether to apply for a middle school math position that just became available. Need to do some hard and fast thinking as the job won't be open long.

Need to catch up on our summer break. Goal was to do a post a day. Ha. LMAO. Not happening now. I will have to start updating tomorrow. It is late now, and my brain is too fried to write coherent, well thought out sentences.


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tosin said...

Apply. It won't hurt anything to explore it further. Don't feel the pressure to make a decision just yet. Applying doesn't mean you've obligated yourself to work there.