Friday, October 10, 2008

Youngest turned 5

My baby turned 5 last week. I find this so difficult to believe because that means I am five years older (40, here I come), it means I haven't been a classroom teacher for five years, it means that we have been in Pennsylvania for more than four years, it means my baby will never remember living in Virginia Beach.

Youngest had some major issues with turning five. She liked the number four. She thought that turning five meant that she automatically went to kindergarden, and she doesn't want to leave Mrs. B's class. She doesn't want to be the youngest - she says she wants to be before Middle and Oldest. HA! Don't know how to change that since Middle is 2.5 years older and Oldest is 9.5 years older.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetheart!!! Just embrace five - just as Mama will try to embrace 4-0 this winter. (UGH....)

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