Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our new family hangout

The Conestoga Wagon
We have lived on Lancaster County for a little over four years now. We have lived near this restaurant for a little over four years now and never tried it. I took Middle and Youngest on Saturday night to give it a whirl. J was busy at his school chaperoning the Homecoming Dance. (There is a story there, but I will save it for another post. It's a good one too!) Oldest went to her Homecoming Dance at her high school.

What made me finally try out this new hangout? About two weeks ago J went with some of the other administrators from his school and gave me his review. He decided that it was a good family place, decent food, good prices, the oh, so important kid friendly, and about 7 minutes from our house.

The Conestoga Wagon is a place that I passed many times when I took Oldest for her riding lessons down in Conestoga, but I never gave it much thought. That's too bad; we could have been eating there for the last four years. So now we know. So now we will be there often cause their corn fritters are a dish I could eat all by themselves. I am sure the calorie and fat count aren't on the healthy side, but this Southern girl gobbled them up in no time flat. Yummy!!

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