Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The hearing aid is gone

Luckily this post is about returning the loaner hearing aid to the audiologist out at CHoP, not Youngest taking it apart, again, and hiding the pieces, again. (Youngest was diagnosed with a mild conductive hearing loss last winter.) There is no telling how long she has had it or if the loss will change. After talking extensively with the audiologist, Nadia, last week, the hearing aid is going to be tabled for a little while. We plan on continuing to monitor Youngest here at home and school and make some decisions next summer unless we see a decline before then. We want to make sure we have our ducks in a row before kindergarden.

It is amazing how much those little buggers cost. We have to apply for a special Pennsylvania insurance program that covers some or most of the cost since most health insurance policies don't cover aids. My dad just got two new ones this summer - each about $5000.

by violentstarr

The IU will conduct a few more screenings with Youngest to see what, if any, services they can supply. So far Youngest has been doing great at home and at preschool. I have talked with her teacher at length, and she feels Youngest is doing really well and the hearing loss doesn't seem to impacting her socially or academically. I am grateful for that.

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