Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hubby's away at an Ed. Conference

and boy do I miss him. The kids behave until 4:30/5 ish and then boom. I am tired, tired, tired of referring the fighting and name calling and hitting. Oldest is 13 and should know better than engage in battle with a 6 year old. But nooooooo, she has to fight back. Youngest and her lovely insults are just about doing me in. How did my sweet, lovable, cuddly baby become this 4 year old that runs hot and cold. One minute she loves ya, the next she tells ya what an idiot you are. Like I said, I am TIRED of all of their attitudes and behavior. Mommy needs a nanny!!!!

Report cards come home tomorrow for the older two so I cannot wait. I already know Oldest made Honor Roll as usual. Middle - waiting to see where her skills are as a first grader. Youngest's conference is in two weeks - see if there is any difference from last year.

Youngest's next hearing test is in early January. I really wish it were tomorrow - I want to know if there is truly a hearing loss and to what point. Will it get worse? Will she go completely deaf in her ear? What about the other ear? Gah....I detest waiting.

Mammogram report came back clean. Yeah - first one down - many to go. :-)

J will be back tomorrow night. We are all looking forward to Daddy's return. The kids are getting gifts; I am getting some alone time - just ME!!!!

We have a date night set for Saturday. Mom sent us some gift certificates to Gibraltars. YUMMY! The last time we went was for our anniversary a couple of years ago; it set us back over $100. Gracious it was so worth it though. I am going to indulge and enjoy every stinking bite.

Biggest news for last....got a promotion today at work. I am moving up to Teacher Monitor and get a small raise of $2 per hour. That will help with the bills. I was so darn nervous during the interview and tried very hard to answer the questions thoroughly. Guess I did OK because I was offered the job after the first ten minutes of the interview. I will be one busy chick as the company is going to hire over 1000 new teachers, and I will be one of the TMs doing the evaluations for new hires. WOW!!!!! Oh, and I love that I get to set my own hours. That will be wonderful especially with the holidays and the kids schedules - plus J's hours changing again for the last set of doctoral classes.

Time for bed. I did not sleep well last night since J wasn't here. Guess I should turn in early for a little more zzzzzzs.

'night y'all

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