Monday, November 19, 2007

Black Rock Retreat

I had a blast this past weekend at the Black Rock Retreat. I actually accomplished getting all of the photos organized as well as the materials for Abbey's and Audrey's school album. Yeah, me. Here is one of the pictures from Saturday night:

What a fun group of women. I think Liz laughed forever. Sharon and Lee were definitely instigators of trouble. I think Cathy, Patti and I behaved ourselves a little better. The poor non SS women had no clue what they had gotten themselves into - all of the inside jokes and the boob pictures (which I am not posting!) Ya just had to be there to appreciate it.
It was therapeutic to get away from the kids and house for a few hours (um, 13 hours?) and connect with some wonderful friends - old and new. Now to see if we can get together again before the CNY Retreat in April - that is just too long to wait.
Alright, gotta go finish cleaning. Going to Virginia Beach on Wednesday for Thanksgiving. Dad, no heart attack this time, got it?

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tosin said...

Hey! I see some familiar friends in that photo.

See you in April!!