Monday, September 29, 2008

West Lampeter Fair

We had a fantastic time as usual. Kids got out of school early. Middle and Youngest had field trips with their respective classes to the fair. We went as a family on Wednesday night. Watched the dog show 'cause the horse show wasn't until Friday night. We even watched the Cow Show. This is when trouble started....

When your kid asks for a cow and wants to keep it in the garage, maybe ya been there too long. Yep, Youngest wants a cow and not just any cow. She wants a steer. She wants to get a 1500+ lbs steer and keep it at home. She thinks Charlie will play with it. I don't think she gets that the little ole cow she wants could drop kick Charlie into next week at the blink of an eye.

Sadly there are no photos of said cow as I chose not to take my camera this year and instead just enjoy the time with the kids. Maybe next year.

I will just leave ya with an image...this is on the Christmas list for Middle and Youngest (and we live on .25 acres!!) Crack me up! But then again, it looks like it would be some kind of fun. :-)

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