Sunday, April 27, 2008

The best weekend was had in CNY

Oh, my gracious. Y'all are gonna be so jealous cause I just had the most wonderful time at CNY. I laughed so much. Oh, and what I learned could fill a book. WOW!! What you find out - it is absolutely jaw dropping and even a little bitter sometimes. Right, Patty and Miriam? So, what did I learn? Here's my list...

Meg cannot navigate. We took two tours of downtown Allentown inadvertently.
Sarah, Patti, and Deb taught us how to talk like a New Englander (can you say "Brender"?)
Patty is gonna rename the drop jaw emoticon on SS to the "Amy" look. I know, shut my mouth.
Mary knows more about psychology and what makes people tick than most of us.
Karen C. is a fantastic teacher for stamping and card making.
Karen M. is still the best storyteller around - her poor aunts. Do that walk again, Karen.
Gaye is an absolute hoot. I won't tell her to "Shut up, Gaye." 'cause I was too busy guarding my cookie.
Julia, Jan, Joy, Jeanne, and Miriam are going to be absolutely famous with their new scrap formula "3 Straight, 2 Askew - it's an easy thing to do." I promise to "live" the formula. I can only hope to make the design team and be worthy of their praise.
Sharon is the absolute best Secret Sister and dang if she isn't a little sneaky.
Patty V. is the best roomie. She didn't care that I came in at 2 AM with our creaky doors.
Christie and Beth know "their" types even at 1 AM.
Shirley and Michelle are the go to gurus for digi scrappin. Thanks for the advice, M. about PhotoShop. Some day I will be joining you.
Shirley has a temper when it comes to her friends.
Shari make pina coladas in a unique way without a blender top, and they were yummy.
Liz looked like a new woman after that massage.
Oh, and who could forget the firefighters? Hum? Yeah, that's what I thought, too. Maybe if we had left the room, there would be a memory. But then again, Patty's laugh said it all.

I guess the best part was just dilligaf.

xoxo and love to all my CNY friends.


Meg said...

All you have to say about me is that I can't navigate?! WTF! I thought you'd be a little more impressed with me.

Patty said...

Amy, this was fantastic. I loved reading it an reliving the weekend. You covered it all - even the firemen!

If Meg would get a blog, maybe we could be impressed with the princess.

Lee said...

I'm so glad you has such a fantabulous time! Could almost hear the laughter from here :)