Thursday, October 18, 2007

My new scrapbooking favorite

I am taking a class thru Big Picture Scrapbooking; it is called Doodle All Day. I am loving this class because I can be as creative as I want and there is no judgement because it is just doodling.
I love the ease of it - just let it flow. I bought new pens and a two great sketch pads - white and black. I am just having a blast with the Sakura pens - Glaze, Souffle, and the Pigma Microns. They are just the best pens. I even love my big white Pentel Hi-Polymer eraser and the Crayola colored pencils (which were stolen from the kids' school supply pile.)
Doodling is addictive, but I am finding it really calming too- totally block out the rest of the world (laundry and all.) Someone on the message board called it "the inner doodle" which I just love. So check out Maelynn:

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